no54 A Day in Nagahama: Rest and Relaxation for Foreign

投稿者:Char & Taryn
We made this film to show our appreciation for Nagahama and how relaxing and beautiful it is. We want to promote Nagahama to other British and foreign tourists.


  1. no63 SL北びわこ号

  2. No.34 ミニ番組「長浜ツブヤキ箱」

  3. No.25 VR! 長浜はスノボができる!!

  4. No.20 ひこにゃんの長浜旅行(彦根市に住んでいる私たちと)

  5. No.31 アジアの観光客が長浜で

  6. no56 舌先の長浜